Hey! I'm Kristen, a wedding and portrait photographer based in eastern North Carolina. During the week, I work as a full time recreational therapist with older adults. While working with seniors, I've truly come to know the value of a photograph and often catch myself admiring all of their photos. You see, photographs are not just a picture, they are a moment frozen in time and tell the story of your life. If it were not for photographs, I would not know much about the seniors. Photographs tell me who they truly were and are, even if they themselves are not able to tell me. Photographs have the power to bring back memories that had long since been forgotten, and allow you to reminisce on a simpler time. Put simply: Photographs are irreplaceable. I desire to capture these priceless memories and moments for you and yours to have for a lifetime. When I'm not taking pictures, I enjoy spending time with my husband, playing volleyball and doing Crossfit, traveling, doing home improvement projects, and just simply enjoying time with friends and family and my furball, Sampson.